An evolution in microdermabrasion technology – a better way to smoother, more youthful skin.

MicroExfoliation Treatments

MicroExfoliation treatments can be administered by trained aestheticians. Length of treatment and number of treatments is dependent on skin type and condition. The skin is polished and not broken which can lead to bleeding. This non-invasive skin care treatment can be completed in a short period of time and without pain. This skin care treatment is ideal for people on the go. There is no “downtime” from work or social activities. The results are gradual but highly effective for clearer, healthier looking skin.


  • Reduction of minor, early aging fine lines
  • Minor scar revision
  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation reduction
  • Reduction of acne scarring
  • Rejuvenation of overall skin health
  • Age spots
  • Extraction of blackheads and whiteheads

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